Nourishing Newborn Mothers

Ayurvedic recipes to heal your mind, body and soul after childbirth

Courtney - postpartum doula

"As a postpartum doula myself I find Julia’s recipe book to be invaluable when I’m cooking for my clients. The recipes are so easy to follow and use ingredients that are easy to source. I also use the recipes regularly at home when cooking for my husband and three children. A big favourite is the Almond Zucchini Soup.

I also love the information given in the book, it is so well laid out and very pleasant to read through. The details are presented in such an easy way to understand; I recommend the book to all of my clients and I bought my own mum one for Mothers’ Day this year! The recipes are so perfect for new mothers, but they are also amazing for anyone to eat at any time. They are filling, nutritious and delicious. The fact that they are all fairly quick and easy to prepare and cook is definitely an added bonus!!"

Courtney is a postpartum doula based in Hilton, Western Australia and founder of Mother Nurture Doula Services. She is passionate about women's rights in childbirth and supporting women through the challenges of pregnancy and new parenthood.

Jenine - personal trainer

“Nourishing Newborn Mothers is as beautifully laid out as it is to read! It flows effortlessly and is filled with love, encouragement, and most of all, techniques to ensure every new mother is cared for at the deepest level. 

Julia’s understanding of Ayurvedic principles underlay every page, allowing even the novice practitioner a genuine comprehension of the ease at which it can be applied.

I highly recommend this book to any new mother, and that she pass it on to those around her before her baby enters the world!

By following the guidelines in Julia’s book, every new mother and baby will receive the best possible care, allowing them to be happy and healthy in this critical phase of life.”


Jenine Dilts-Bayman is Founder of Mums With Bubs Fitness and aims to assist new mums to find their drive, connect with their babies, and lead happier, healthier lifestyles with their loved ones.

Vedanta - yoga teacher

"All newborn mothers deserve to be nourished and nurtured after their baby is born. 

I love Julia's book and recommend it to all my prenatal yoga students so they can prepare for their 40 day 'Sacred Window' of time after birth.

With lots of delicious recipes and the essential wisdom of Ayurvedic postnatal care and rejuvenation it is a must for a smooth transition into motherhood."

Vedanta teaches Pre and Postnatal Yoga classes in Canberra, runs Yoga and Active Birthing Skills workshops and is a Ayurvedic Lifestyle counsellor for pre and postnatal care.